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Exit Mist is the simplest and the most effective exit-intent detection & popup tool.

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Use the analytics dashboard for complete exit-popup control

Exit Mist makes it efficiently easy to detect and react before your visitors leave the website without making a purchase. You can easily see how many of your visitors viewed and subscribed to your exit popups, or abandoned your website without completing any actions. It's extremely easy integrate with an external email service to automatically send out emails to your engaged users.

How does exit popup work?

Exit Mist will track behavior of your visitors and show Exit Popup just before they leave your website.

Exit popup demo


Advanced exit-intent detection technology predicts a visitor’s exit with 97.4% reliability.

2-Step Popups

Achieve better conversions with easy 2-step micro-commitments.


Integrate your conversion notifications with any external email service.


Measure and test your campaigns. See how many users views, subscribes or leaves.

Responsive & Fast

Super-fast load times, responsive popups and animations.


Customize design and behavior entirely to your needs.

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